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What does Lucubrate mean?

Lucubrate means to work, write, or study especially by night. Lucubrate also means to produce scholarly written material.

Originally, to lucubrate was to work by artificial light, and that meaning should still be helpful in learning this word: when lucubrating, you’re shedding new light on a subject by elaborating, expanding, and adding more details. Lucubrating adds clarity and makes a subject easier to understand: it’s often associated with scholars.

Synonyms for lucubrate are words like study, coach, cogitate, consider, examine, inquire, learn, meditate, and think.

What is the Lucubrate concept?

The Lucubrate concept for learning includes different tools: First the videos in a series.  After a learning video, the Lucubrate uses quizzes, individual practical tasks, complementary information (videos or text) and group discussions for deeper understanding.

Lucubrate uses «Gist Learning».  The word «Gist Learning» tells about the size (brief videos 50-70 seconds) and the content.

The Lucubrates concept makes the learning better for new skills.

What is Lucubrate for you?

The Lucubrate will open a world of accessible skills for young and young adults all over the world. Following courses give you knowledge and skills and connections to people in other parts of the world. You can meet the world with the skills the world needs.

Lucubrate gives the teachers an opportunity to transfer skills to other people. Lucubrate gives the teachers an opportunity to look at the whole world as the classroom.

Start your Lucubrate with a brief free course about the learning model: Quality Learning Management




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Becoming an authority in your industry can be a great way to promote your business. It takes a consistent dose of education and risk, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.
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Every year thousands of students gain skills and experience through different courses. Skills that make you more employable and experience that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Lucubrate can make your dream to reality. You can be a part time or full-time teacher in our team. Prepare your lessons where you are. Students follow your lessons where they are.


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