Understand Users’ Behaviours


“User behavior” sounds like it could refer to all kinds of things. It does. As you’ll see, user behavior refers not only to how people find your site and navigate through it, but also what elements of your site they react to, if and how they convert, and what elements of your site could prompt them to one day come back. To put it succinctly, user behavior is your biggest indicator of success in online marketing, and simultaneously your most informative tool to achieve that success.

There are many ways to look at user behaviour—you might focus on a narrow range of metrics, utilize niche software platforms like heat maps to track things like mouse movements and scroll speed, or use qualitative surveys to get honest feedback from real users.

For example, Google Analytics can tell you almost anything about your site, user behavior included.


User entry shows how users get to your site and where they get their first impressions.

Behavior flow shows where users go and what they do once they’re on your site.

Engagements and conversions show how and why users engage with your brand.



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