Learning how to focus in exams

Focus when you sit the exam

You’ve worked hard to prepare and you feel ready, so don’t let minor distractions get in your way come exam time. There are many ways to focus when you sit the exam. Here are some tricks to maintain your focus and achieve your best when it counts most:

  1. Practice concentrating
  2. Know what to expect 
  3. Get plenty of exercises 
  4. Focus on one question at a time
  5. Visualize taking the test


Your learning style

Some advice on how to focus:

  1. Know what actually matters
  2. Pick your top 2-3 core tasks each day
  3. Do them first thing
  4. Do not connect to anything until your core tasks are done
  5. Kill multitasking
  6. Turn off email and notifications (and anything else that interrupts you)
  7. Don’t check email in the morning
  8. Batch your emailing to two times a day MAX
  9. Try to get less done in a day–practice Slow Working
  10. Plan more time for each task


Everyone has their own learning style. Do you know yours?



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