Prepare yourself for Jobs’ Opportunity

People live in hopeful expectation. Most dream of big opportunities coming their way. It could be the big brand that wants to partner or the corner office job opening up, or maybe it’s the call from the Today show. People picture the rewards, the recognition, and the adrenaline rush of a challenge. But for so many, the big opportunities come, and they blow it. They weren’t prepared.

Why pursue your big shot at success without preparing

It seems a bit ridiculous. Why pursue your big shot at success without preparing for the reality? Perhaps it’s because you don’t truly believe it’s possible? That’s a poor excuse for dropping the ball in the end zone. If the big opportunity comes and you can’t recognize it or manage it, you’ll let people down and potentially damage your reputation. And you’ll probably never see that same opportunity again.

The only thing worse than not getting great opportunities is blowing them when you don’t have to. Prepare yourself with these questions that help assess your readiness for a great opportunity.

1. Do you have the infrastructure/resources?

2. Do you have the skill?

3.  Do you have the time?

4. Do you have the team?

5. Do you have the commitment? 


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