The future of Web Design

Over the last decade, the very nature of the Internet has changed dramatically. It is hard to imagine a sphere of life that does not depend on it and like the universe we live in, it is still growing and evolving with ever accelerating speed. During the next 10 years, we will witness the launch of devices and technology that most of us couldn’t even imagine today.

We sat down with the world’s most influential web visionaries and asked them to share their thoughts and insights on the future of design and the Internet, and the current technology that they are betting will make it big.

There’s plenty of platforms and emerging technologies out there that will continue to elevate the process for web and app design. Prototyping platforms such as InVision and POP are great examples of applications that allow us to put Beta experiences in the hands of our audiences before hitting the market.

The rise of wearables has also opened the door to countless opportunities that we can tie into our web experiences. It doesn’t have to just stop at the desktop or mobile phone anymore.

Virtual and augmented reality are both in very early stages on the web, yet, the possibilities could be endless. It’s going to be exciting to be a part of their evolution in our everyday encounters.


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